Photography Course 1  -  Basic DSLR use & Photography for Beginners  

Three Hour Course at a cost of £75.00

Getting to know Photography Basics & using your DSLR camera  -  Overview and simplification

 Camera Menu and Modes  -   Program Mode  -  Aperture and Shutter Priority  -   Full Manual 

Focusing and Depth of Field  -  ISO Speeds  -  White Balance  -  Zoom and Prime Lenses    

Downloading  -  Shooting Raw  -  Adjustments & Advantages  -  Practical

Photography Course 2    3 Hour Course

 A more advanced course based on the practical use of a Digital SLR Camera

The course will be held at the studio in groups up to 12 and covers the following.

Using your DSLR  and putting in to practice what was covered on Course One.

We will work  indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) in full manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and shooting in Raw.

This will be training in the practical use of your Digital SLR and general photography

We will do a portrait shoot (with model) using natural light, on camera flash and cover basic posing.
We will cover some night time photography, movement and depth of field.
We will also go through more in depth Raw file adjustment and converting to jpegs. 
Course cost £75.00

 More advanced courses available:  Please contact for details  Email:


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